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A Perfect Little Intervention

I Just Don't Wan't Coffee Tonight

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The Question: It is highly likely that right now many people are saying, "so who is this person and why exactly have they friended me?"

The Answer: Although I have been on LJ for about 3 months, ive been reading fanfiction for years. Basically, i am slowly going through my favorite authors and if they have a LJ, i friend them. So. You should feel complemented, not kinda creeped out ;).

Just So We Are Clear: I am not a writer, that being said i will be doing my best to make any posts worth people's time to read (or at the very least, worth my time to type). However, if you find me uninteresting, or just want to shorten your friends list, feel free to de-friend me. Ill be following the same policy.

Juicy Details: You can tell by my name that I have more than a little affection for a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes it ended in 2003, yes i should move on. Recognizing this, the obsession hasn’t died yet.

Other fangirly interests include *insert dramatic pause* all the stuff on my interests list. If its nerdy or obscure, im probably right there with you standing in costume in the line at the convention.

In Closing: I love good conversation so please email me or IM me or stalk me on the internet to find out my real name and phone number, call me up and we will go get coffee. (I might be kidding about that last one).